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Nytke in the Woods - Conscious Co-creation for Performing Artists


5 day intensive to uncover the collective creative potential for co-creating performances! 

For the second year in a row Nytke in the Woods is opening its doors for artists from the 20th to 25th of July! If you feel that in traditional productions you are not contributing with your unique creativity, or you want to birth your authentic creation but feel stuck, we would like to invite you to explore conscious co-creation!   

Conscious co-creation is a process where a group of artists expands their awareness to tap into the unified field, from which all reality emerges.
In this field everything is interconnected and one. All future creations are present in this field in a potential form. The group receives information for a performance, which wants to be born. The challenge then is to bring this information 
from the unconscious into conscious awareness! In a first step the information can be brought into the language of the soul i.e. into symbols, colors, imagery, music and movement. Then the group translates it through embodiment, systemic mapping, improvisation and collective meaning making into a performance. The tricky thing in this process is, that by opening ourselves to the unconscious also our shadows surface. Like in every hero's journey the group members will need to face and transform these individual and collective shadows, which will help them grow as individuals and as a team and bring out their "gold".

We tailor made this process 

  • to ensures that the creative material that comes up is innovative, 

  • each individual contributes with their uniqueness, 

  • individual and collective shadows are addressed

  • and the key impact, which the performance wants to achieve, and its value for the audience is made conscious

Our aim is to get you towards a level of performance in which you can experience oneness with yourself, others and nature, acting as one in service for the whole ecosystem in a playful and joyful way. We aim to offer a space where you may express your individual creativity in a group setting and bring your performance into a form that will generate sustainable income.



See how we did it!

In January this year our co-creation team has applied this process to create a performance. We would like to invite you to see our results in a free screening of a short film and documentary on the 6th of July 2021, 7pm (Finland time). 

This will be a presentation about our work followed by a Q&A. Please send us PM, and we will send you a Zoom- link for the event.

( or


Why is It Important? 

Our world is experiencing divides on many levels - we are disconnected from who we are, from each other and from nature. This separation has created a world full of inequalities, destruction and suffering. Our mission is to help artists to transcend these divides and become a force for good. Artists can become a vessel for life itself and move their audience when they are on stage. In a domino effect they can help to create a more connected and whole world.

What is Nytke in the Woods? 

Nytke in the Woods this year is an intensive for co-creating artistic performances in a conscious way, which brings out our uniqueness, our collective creative potential, provides a safe space to embrace and transform our "human messiness" and helps us to get a step closer towards sustainable income.


How was our version of conscious co-creation born? 

In January 2018 the seed for the CoCreationCenter emerged in the form of a symbol. 


n 2019 a small team started to explore this "symbol". After 25 meetings we understood that it was a symbol for conscious co-creation in a team setting and we knew enough to apply it in a real life examples. The first one was with Sirius Dance Collective in Malta to help them to co-create a performance on the theme of human and artist. The second one was to co-create 4 zoom calls for people that due to the pandemic had lost or were not happy with their jobs and helped them to find clues within themselves to create a more fulfilling work.
Only after a major reshuffle of the team, deep diligent work on our foundations - our core, purpose, direction, values and vision - refinement of the methodology, creation of a performance and application of conscious marketing, our team is now ready to offer what we found on our journey.
Like in every hero's journey, the hero has to return to the world and share his/her gifts.
Now it is your turn to be the hero! Nytke in the Woods is an opportunity to bring your uniqueness out into the world together with others to make the world a better place!

What is the transformational experience we would like to offer you? We would like to bring you

  • from not knowing how to contribute your own creativity, to feeling confident in your own creative channel 

  • from not knowing how to co-create an innovative performance from the collective unconscious (from nothing) to an experiential knowledge and understanding of the process

  • from outside directed creation to inside self-organised and self-led creation

  • from feeling stuck to embracing restrictions on the way as part of the process 

  • from creating from a limited awareness to creating from an expanded awareness

  • from only bringing the performing artist to the creative process to bringing the whole human

  • from feeling pressure and expectations to produce to allowing the process to unfold and flow

  • from manifesting something nice, acceptable, sell-able to manifesting something truthful with impact

  • from judging yourself and sticking to known aesthetics to accepting yourself and allowing new aesthetics to emerge in a playful way

  • from perceiving and using nature as an external element to being an integral part of it and co-creating with nature

Who should join?

Do you want to use your artistic skills and talents to create a unique performance that serves others and at the same time brings you abundance, professional and personal growth and all this not alone, but with others?
Do you sometimes feel frustrated that you have not yet managed to combine successfully artistic career, money and spirituality?
If these feel like a YES to you, we invite you to join 5 days intensive conscious co-creation at Nytke in the Woods!

Näyttökuva 2021-6-27 kello 23.10.40.png

We offer 5 days intensive conscious co-creation in nature with a small group, in which the co-creation team will offer you a safe place to be human and artist and

  • a multidisciplinary approach, combining performing arts, embodiment, eco-somatics, yoga, spirituality, transpersonal and team coaching, music therapy and entrepreneurship

  • a collective creative process emerging from wholeness/oneness

  • building trust, connection and coherence between group members

  • psycho-spiritual development, transforming fears and other restrictions

  • entrepreneurial approach combining service with sustainable income and multilevel impact (self, other, nature)

ON LEFT, The trailer of the last year Nytke in the Woods Documentary. 


Dates:  20th - 25th July 2021
Arrival on 20th July, 9am
Departure on 25th July, after breakfast till 12 noon

Location: Pikku-Otava Island in Ylöjärvi (approx 25km from Tampere)

Meeting point: At Pimeesalmen Telakka (, the boat will take us to the island 

Participants: the number of participants is limited to 15

Accommodation: shared rooms in cottage 

Price: 350 Euro includes 

  • 5 nights in a shared room in a cottage

  • breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegan) 

  • Sauna every night

  • approx. 6 h of workshops / day 

For those that cannot afford the full price, please apply for a price reduction, describing your situation and how much you are able to pay.

Payment: We will send you an invoice with an IBAN Code for bank transfer
Cancellation fee: to get your money back you can cancel 7 days prior to the event or after that with a doctor's certificate
Payment needs to be done by 13th of July 2021. 

Booking: Please send your application with your CV and motivation letter to Laura Kuukkanen, email:

Program time schedule:
7:45 - 9:00 morning practice (waking up the body and mind for the day)
9:00 - 10:00 breakfast
10:30 - 13:00 workshop 1
13:00 - 14:30 lunch break
15:00 - 17:30 workshop 2
18:00 - 19:00 sauna women
19:00 - 20:00 sauna men
20:00 - 21:00 dinner
21:00 - 23:00 evening activities (Jams, Circles, Body Work)



About CoCreationCenter and CoCreationTeam

CoCreationCenter is a team of professionals that offer conscious co-creation to help individuals to unfold their human potential in a team setting, flow together and direct their creative energies in service of the well-being of all to create a more whole world that transcends the spiritual divide (we are not connected with our Selves), social divide (we are not connected with our fellow humans or other living beings) and ecological divide (we are not connected with nature). 

Our vision is to help humanity transcend duality through continuous co-creative processes, that operate like a torus flow, an integrative dance of our inside and outside, individual and collective, human and nature, unfolding and enfolding, embodied experience and dis-identified learning, collective traumas and collective gold; a collective hero's journey that elevates our consciousness to oneness. 

Team members:

Laura Kuukkanen
Laura Kuukkanen is a dancer and yoga teacher. She has a MSc in Engineering and a Bachelor in Dance Studies. She is the co-founder of Nytke Contemporary Dance Festival, Nytke in the Woods, and Sirius Dance Collective. She has participated in various dance performances. She has specialized in following techniques: contemporary dance, improvisation, physical theatre, and yoga.

Maria Concetta Cariello:
Maria Concetta Cariello works as a freelance dance practitioner. She is the co-founder of Sirius Dance Collective (Malta, 2019), and dance assistant for Opening Doors Malta, an art association that works with adults with learning disabilities. Currently living in the Georgian mountains at Gomarduli Zen Garden as resident teacher and artist to deepen her experience in somatic practice, contact improvisation, and contemporary dance teaching, within a dancing community. Originally stemming from a ballet background, Concetta has realigned her focus training in contemporary dance and obtained a BA in Dance Studies at the School of Performing Arts, University of Malta, jointly with an Erasmus program at the BCDA - Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy.

Margherita Tassi
Margherita Tassi is an artist, dance practitioner, trainer, educator and researcher in the field of performing arts since the age of fourteen. She studied in Italy, Switzerland and Africa. She graduated in Rhizoma the art of listening, a specialized training of somatic movement, eco-somatics and art. Her focus of research is movement and creation. For her "knowing, healing, and making poetry is only possible by passing through the body." HYBRID is her first dance solo.

Andrea Grancini:
Andrea is a theater practitioner and body-worker. He has a MD in Economics, and a postgraduate certificate (and soon Master / RBCollege UK) in Integral Movement and Performance Practice with He is also in his second year studying Unfold Technique based on Alexander Technique, Movement, and Improvisation. He has taught theater for the last 5 years to all ages and also to people with intellectual disabilities. Further he has 6 years experience in various massage techniques and 10 years in administration, controlling and project management. The focus of his work is freedom of movement where body, mind, soul and spirit are integrated and allow embodied, co-creative performance in the fields of arts, education and business.

Elisenda Kirchmayr
Elisenda Kirchmayr is a transpersonal and team coach. She has an MD in economics and commerce, 10 years experience in working one to one with clients to heal their emotional baggage and 2 years to help them bring their uniqueness out into the world. Since 2019 she has been researching the field of conscious co-creation and is offering team coaching for conscious co-creators in the fields of education, entrepreneurship and performing arts.


Useful Links:

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